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Diploma of Emergency Health Care


HLT51020 Diploma of Emergency Health Care reflects the role of pre-hospital and out-of-hospital workers providing patient assessment, healthcare and transport services within state/territory ambulance services, ADF and the private sector, possessing clinical skills and theoretical knowledge to provide urgent and advanced life support skills pre-hospital and out-of-hospital inventions and clinical assessment in emergency and non-emergency situations. Wilson Medic One is approved for the Vet Student Loans program for HLT51020 - Diploma of Emergency Health Care.  The VET Student Loans program is an Australian Government loan program that helps eligible students enrolled in approved courses at diploma level pay their tuition fees. Includes AHA - Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Course Outline:

HLT51020 - Diploma of Emergency Health Care

​​Wilson Medic One is approved for the Vet Student Loans program for HLT51020 - Diploma of Emergency Health Care.

The VET Student Loans program is an Australian Government loan program that helps eligible students enrolled in approved courses at diploma level pay their tuition fees.
 The loan has income-contingent repayment arrangements, which means you only need to make repayments if you are earning above the minimum repayment threshold. You can make voluntary repayments at any time.
 If you are an Australian Citizen and meet the minimum educational requirements, you are eligible to apply. Please contact us for more information.
​Care​​​ers in Paramedics​​​
The Diploma of Emergency health care covers workers employed by State Ambulance authorities and non-emergency transport companies to provide emergency and non-emergency client care and transport services.
  • Event medic
  • Emergency Services Officer
  • Industrial Medic
  • Ambulance Officer / Ambulance Transport Attendant
​Study Pathways
The HLT51020 - Diploma of Emergency Health Care qualification may provide you with advanced standing into Bachelor degrees at Australian Universities.​ 
We are committed to assisting our pupils achieve their goals through nationally recognised health industry courses and training programs in mental health awareness, first ​​aid and first response training​
Course Objectives
This qualification is clustered by Wilson Medic One to form a targeted and work ready program. Many students continuing with their pre-hospital care knowledge and training and moving into more advanced areas of study as a natural progression
The course is delivered in 3 Modules phases which includes e-Learning (self-paced online units), 7 weeks classroom time and 160 of clinical placement.
*Please note that you will need your flu and COVID vaccination in order for us to offer placements*
100% attendance is required for the classroom time due to the level of course content
.  The course can be flexible and can be completed over multiple intakes. To discuss this please contact us on 9350 9111.

It includes 9 Compulsory Units and 8 “pre-set” Elective Units which are delivered in a cluster format providing program that is holistic in its approach and has meaning and relevancy to the student’s work functions as the program is based on real work tasks.
Core Units
9 core units
  1. CHCDIV001                Work with diverse people
  2. CHCLEG001              Work legally and ethically
  3. HLTAAP002                Confirm physical health status
  4. HLTOUT001                Implement safe access and egress
  5. HLTOUT005                Assess and deliver standard clinical care
  6. HLTOUT010                Communicate in complex situations to support health care
  7. HLTINF001                 Comply with infection prevention and control policies & procedures
  8. HLTWHS002               Follow safe work practices for direct client care
  9. HLTWHS006               Manage personal stressors in the work environment
Elective Units
​8 elective units
  1. BSBFLM303               Contribute to effective workplace relationships
  2. BSBMED301              Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately
  3. HLTOUT009               Manage the scene of a major incident
  4. HLTOUT006               Transport emergency patients 
  5. HLTOUT007               Transport non-emergency patients under operational conditions
  6. HLTOUT008                Manage a scene
  7. HLTWHS005               Conduct manual tasks safely
  8. CHCCCS020              Responds effectively to behaviours of concern  ​​
**Includes American Heart Association - Advanced Cardiac Life Support**

Learning objectives include:
  • ​Increased scope of practice, in-line with organisation’s medical direction and protocols.
  • Extended and refined knowledge in the pre-hospital environment.
  • Work autonomously and within a team.
  • Team leader skills.
  • Critical thinking and differential field diagnosis skills.
  • Ability to perform a concise and complete medical assessment
  • Increase knowledge of pharmacological interventions and interaction
  • Advanced cardiac life support
 Entry Requirements
  • A current first aid certificate
  • A fully endorsed drivers licence.
    If you are still on your “P” plates, please discuss alternative arrangements before enrolling.
  • Year 12 certificate or AQTF level IV in any field.
    Should you not have this, we can assist with a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) skills assessment, at no charge to you.
  • Before placements – a Working with Children’s Check, National Police Clearance, and evidence of Flu & Covid-19 vaccination is also required; it is also highly recommended to review the attached document on vaccinations for people working in the Healthcare industry.
Credit for skills and past study
Wilson Medic One mutually recognises Statement(s) of Attainment and qualifications issued by other RTO's.

Following the successful completion of the program, Qualification Testamur and Record of Achievement will be issued in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

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HLT51020 DIP 10th January 2022 (Perth) 10/01/2022 14/07/2022 $11,900.00
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HLT51020 DIP 27th June 2022 (Perth) 27/06/2022 29/12/2022 $11,900.00
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HLT51020 DIP 19th September 2022 (Perth) 19/09/2022 23/03/2023 $11,900.00
HLT51020 DIP 17th October 2022 (Perth) 17/10/2022 20/04/2023 $11,900.00